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The 7th MENA Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Conference and Exhibition is a series of pharmaceutical events organized by Naratech Pharmaceutical Consultancy to discuss the global regulatory requirements we shall meet during handling, storage, and distribution of environmentally sensitive products, our focus is on supply chain management for temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals to ensure that product quality and efficacy are not compromised.

Our conference will review the latest requirements for Good Storage and Distribution Practices, current regulatory trends, quality management, risk assessment factors, and temperature monitoring to comply with the quality, safety and identity of pharmaceutical products throughout the supply chain management to their point of use. Improper storage and distribution of pharmaceutical products can lead to stock-outs and expirations, overstocks, and deterioration in the quality of pharmaceuticals, which negatively impacts health and results in a waste of financial resources.

This includes all entities involved in the various stages of the pharmaceutical supply chain: Manufacturers and wholesalers, brokers, suppliers, distributors, logistics service providers, traders, transport companies and forwarders as well as their employees.

This event will provide a comprehensive update on the latest advances in regulations, guidance, trends and technologies for the pharmaceutical supply chain worldwide, and all parties involved in the supply chain have to comply with applicable legislation and regulations.